Marcus Stevenson - Freelance Copywriter Marcus Stevenson - Freelance Copywriter

How can my copywriting help your brand be heard in a multichannel world?

I dig deep to understand what makes your business unique. I question and I listen. Learn what makes your customers tick and what inspires them to click. I think creatively, strategically and analytically to present your message in a way that's engaging, relevant and searchable.

Whether writing in the B2B and B2C space, my passion is to influence consumer behaviour with breakthrough ideas and powerful language. I'm proud to have worked with iconic brands such as American Express, Bell, GM and Canada Post. But I've also helped numerous up-and-coming businesses find their voice.

While most of my work is focused on the digital realm, I also write DM, print, collateral and POS material that inspires people to take notice and take action. See my experience.

Contact me to discuss how I can help you make your marketing communications connect.